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Nursing staff and role

CVICU is a supportive, inclusive, and stimulating environment that develops practical knowledge and critical thinking skills. In a unit which offers the highest level of Cardiac Intensive Care, there are extensive opportunities for clinical progression, and on-going challenges in an environment that fosters advancing our team’s practice.

Our team

We have an active and engaging Education Team made up of:

  • A Nurse Educator;
  • Clinical Coaches;
  • Charge Nurses;
  • Preceptors.

Programme overview and education

Our comprehensive orientation programme consists of:

  • Five theory days;
  • Six weeks of preceptored orientation;
  • The use of evidence based resources, competency goals, and an on-going clinical progression pathway;
  • Ongoing support from our Clinical Coaches on the floor, both during and after orientation.

Ongoing education

  • Regular in-service teaching sessions are held with guest educators, advanced nurses and the medical team;
  • Our nurses are also encouraged to do post-graduate studies (see below) to advance clinical practice based on evidence based research and latest resources.

For information on the Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters in Critical Care Nursing please visit the University of Auckland website() or contact Pok Man Tsui, Charge Nurse Education and Workforce Development.