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About formal education sessions

Formal education in CVICU includes:

  • Two days of comprehensive orientation to CVICU;
  • Regular Monday Morning Education Sessions;
  • Our trainees are encouraged to attend Wednesday Morning Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia Teaching;
  • A Fellows Education Programme consisting of advanced tutorials in Echocardiography and Perioperative Cardiothoracic Care;
  • A simulation programme where the focus is on the resuscitation of a patient post cardiac surgery.

In addition to the above formal education sessions, you will be encouraged as part of your day to day activities to learn echocardiography, chest ultrasound, temporary cardiac pacing, new procedural skills, hone your radiology knowledge and much more.

Our fellows are also encouraged to be involved with formal and informal teaching sessions of our trainees and nursing staff, along with the opportunity to get involved with our simulation programme.

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