Airway equipment

The CVICU has access to a great deal of advanced airway equipment, kept both on the CVICU and in the difficult airway case (the yellow case) kept just inside the entrance to the operating rooms.

Increasingly the equipment that the doctor managing the airway is most likely to turn to in the event of difficulty intubating a patient will be a videolaryngoscope. There are many different varieties of videolaryngoscopes on the market. In the CVICU we have a C-Mac. Watch the following video to learn how the C Mac should be used or how to assist in its use:

The following video shows where to find the difficult airway case (yellow case):

The next two videos show you what equipment you will find in the difficult airway case:

And finally, how to use the glidescope. The fibreoptic laryngoscope that is used in the operating rooms. Some of our registrars may prefer to use this, rather than the C-Mac, if they are more familiar with its use.