Fellows Education Programme

A list of topics covered in this comprehensive programme are as follows: 

Echo: Physics and knobology

Echo: Standard Views

Echo: LV Systolic Function

Echo: LV Diastolic Dysfunction and Pericardial Disease

Echo: Mitral Valve I

Echo: Mitral Valve II

Echo: Interventional Cardiology

Echo: Right Heart Assessment and Tricuspid Valve

Echo: Aortic Valve Assessment

Echo: Prosthetic Valves

Echo: The Thoracic Aorta and Aortic Procedures

Echo: Anatomical Variants, Pitfalls and Cardiac Masses

Echo: Artefacts and Pitfalls

Echo: Mechanical Circulatory Support

Echo in the ICU: Chest and Lung Ultrasound, Airway Ultrasound, and Rapid Assessment of Haemodynamics

Neurologic Protection in Cardiac and Aortic Surgeries

Progressional Management

Thoracic Aortic Surgery


Circulatory Assist Devices

Heart and Lung Transplantation

Anaesthesia for Interventional Cardiology

Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Clinical Research

Non-technical Skills and Adverse Events